Holidog Stays page 1

Finn was the very first 'Holidog stay'. 

Finn is a Golden Retriever.

Finn on Haytor

Finn and Daisy
Finn on Dartmoor In the quarry Ohhh... My word! I've not seen 
one of those for a long time.... 

Zed came while his owners had to go out for the day. 

'Tickle pleeeaase' 'Which way?' 'ZZZzzzzzzz'

Charly and Cassie stayed for 18 days!

Wrigglers Helping to write the diaries Tired out!
Don't wake us until morning These are mine! Hey.. That's not a real flower!

Sophie came to stay for 3 days.

Sophie is a Bichon Frise. 'Hmm.. Which ball shall I play with?' 'Have I grown a beard?'
'Ahhh... This is the life!' 'Where are we going today?' My mum used to work here!

Cassie came to stay for 7 days.

Oh NO! Not The Sound of Music again.. Hmmm... Springwatch Come on Lou chase me..
Me... Muddy... No way! Does my nose look big in this? I'm in the pink!

Harvey came to stay for 3 days

 Harvey is a Golden Retriever. I love it here! Ahh...This is the life 
Hey... Mister Cool Don't laugh! I want to sleep!

Josie stayed for 15 days.

Josie is a Golden Retriever. Serves me right for getting muddy... Reward!

Hugo stayed for 17 days.

Hugo is a Blue Roan Cocker Spaniel.
He is 5 years old.
I look like a Fireman! If Josie and Cassie can do it, so can I.
Am I singing today? I had to put my headlights on! Aww go on.. Tickle me.... Please..
Ohh.. so that's what Finn saw! Hmm... How does it work? I met a beautiful woman!

Edward came to stay for 6 days.

Edward is a Flat Coated Retriever.
He is 2 years old.
Oh, so that's what's over there... Food please...
Helloooo Australia... 'Kathy... it's Heathcliffe'  What did I do wrong?

Millie and Archie  stayed during the daytime for 3 days.
Millie is a Flat Coated Retriever. Archie is a Border Collie. 'This is MY Frisbee... keep off!'
'Say cheese' 'I'm soooo pretty!' 'I want to play!'

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