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October 2008 to October 2009

Edward stayed again in October 2008 for 3 nights and met Finn

 Is my nose bigger than Cassie's

It's not real... Honest... 'Hello Finn'

Tilly is a Black Labrador 
She came to stay for 24 days in Oct/Nov 2008, and again in November 2009.

Whoops! Too close... Ohh... That's what Finn saw! I borrowed Hugo's headlights!
Here come the Dam busters! Aaaawww... Finn makes a lovely pillow! MY nose DOES look big in this!

Finn and Harvey were here with Tilly in October 2008.
Finn for 11 days and Harvey for 2 nights.
Josie just tagged along on some of the walks.

Finn -- I'm waiting! Harvey -- Oh please let me... Josie -- Me swim... Never!

Amber is a Wheaton Terrier.
She stayed for one night in November 2008, and had a great time!

Where am I? Gosh! What a view!  Hello... Who are you?
Book ends. I went to church. I tried to eat Holimum!

Edward stayed again for four days at the end of November and met Millie and Archie.
Millie kept kissing me! Where's that treasure buried? I'm gorgeous!
Oh dear! Mmmm Marmite. It was raining cats and dogs!

Harvey the Cocker Spaniel stayed overnight in December to see if he liked it, and then came back again for 18 days over Christmas 2008! 

Have a Harvey Christmas! Close encounters... That serves me right!

Sophie the Bichon Frise stayed again in January and February 2009. 

First daffodils I'll just wait here shall I? In the spotlight!

Edwards first snow! February 2009
Wow... What's this? Sorry Holimum! Come on you're too slow! 
Gosh that's clever of me! Where are the ponies? Ooops! That was deep.

Cassie the Jack Russell stayed again in Feb 2009.
Met Sophie, Daisy, Josie and a new friend called Mandi.

Thinking... It's under here somewhere!  I thought I'd grown rabbit's ears!
It was Holimum's feet.

Tessa the Springer Spaniel stayed March and May 2009
Tessa loved her stay with us... It was her first time.

My box... My bone! I'm cute...  Here I come!

Ruby the Springer Spaniel enjoyed every minute of her stay with 
us in March 2009.

I smell squirrels! I can drive this... No problem! Wow... Just look at that!
Learning to swim... Hmm... A lovely warm towel. Zzzzzzzzz

At the end of March 09 Finn and Edward stayed together.
Then through May we had Edward, Tessa, Millie, Archie and Zed.

Zed...    'Food please' Tessa and Edward at the lake. Go on Tessa... Give me a kiss...
Ohhh! Finn. So that's what you saw... What are you looking at Archie? Last one in buys the lunch!

At the end of May 09 CASSIE, CHARLY the Border Collie and two 'first timers' 
MAX a Chocolate Labrador and JENNY came to stay at Holidog. 

Cassie & Charly.  Tug of war... Cassie, Charly & Jenny Cassie, Max & Jenny
Max...   Wow... Just look at that!    Where shall I go now? Ahhhh...  Lovely... 
Cassie...     Oh what a wonderful smell! Two fried eggs please... Come on... throw the stick!

Bonny the Black Labrador came for a day in June 09 and had her first swim in the lake.
She will be coming again in the new year...

Hi... my name's Bonny  Look... I'm swimming! I like this ball...

Holly is a Flat Coat Retriever/Spaniel X
  She was so well behaved. She stayed in June 09.

Yes... That's my name! Whoops! Hee Heee... That's really funny!

Amber is a Wheaton Terrier.
She stayed overnight with us in June. And came for 10 days in July 09.

I think I know my way... I smell a squirrel... I'm a bit wet mum!

Danny and Charlie are Springer Spaniels.
They are very close and do everything together!
They stayed in June/July 2009
Let go!! Swim Danny... SWIM! Charly and Danny... Togetherness!

Rutger and Ted came for their first stay in July 2009
Rutger is a Giant Schnauzer and Ted is a Minnie Schnauzer
What fun they had at Holidog!

Walkies! Ted looking serious... Rutger NOT looking serious!

Freddie and Charlie had their first stay with us in August 2009 
Charlie being good... Freddie being greedy! They did everything together!

Moss was great fun.
For his first time at Holidog in August 2009 he stayed for 21 days!

I was told not to chew bubble gum! Wheeeee! That's me!

Lucy only stayed for one night in September 2009,
but said that she would be back...

Croquet... What's that then? Come on!  I love my trips out

Willow stayed for a week in September 2009.
Come and play with me! Bird bath? 
I thought it was my drinking bowl!
Ok then... How do I Google it?

Tio came on his first visit to Holidog and stayed for 18 days in September 2009.
Just look at that view! Lets have a picnic... I know it's here somewhere...

Finn stayed in October 2009 and shared some of his stay with his friends: 
Edward, Sophie and Harvey
Harvey and Finn Sophie and Finn Finn and Edward having a rest!

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