Holidog Stays page 3
November 2009 to November 2010
Tilly had another long stay in November 2009
Oh Tilly! Ready Steady Go! Good job I brought my snorkel!

Sasha and Kelly came for a day in November 09 while Tilly was here...
Triple trouble!
Sasha & Kelly ready to go! I can't reach the ball! Sasha, Kelly and Tilly at the front

Barnie and Alfie had a short stay in December 2009
and again in February 2010

A good place to sit and watch the birds! Night night everyone... Zzzzzz Oi! What's that stuck on my face?

Harvey2 has moved away now but he still came for a short stay in February2010. 
Whoops! I've disappeared! Here I am... Snowball...

Edward, Harvey1, Barney & Alfie and Danny & Charlie
had visits in February 2010

Arnie is new to Holidog
He stayed in March 2010 and met Edward.
I'm watching you... Leave me alone... I've had enough...
I met Edward... he's funny! Edward decided that I was funny too! Is there anybody there?
Archie and Eric were new to Holidog too.
They are 'brothers'.
Ooooo Eric...  Eric Archie

Diesel stayed overnight in March 2010
It was his first time at Holidog.

Diesel... Come on... throw the ball! Awwww... What the....

Max and Jenny had a long stay in April 2010
Hey Max... Your legs have grown! We had a day at the seaside I'll take the high road 
and you take the low road

Ruby stayed and it was her birthday! May 2010
'Hey Fairy can I have a wish'? Me singing Happy Birthday to myself. What a day!

George's first stay was like a whirlwind arriving!  July/Aug 2010
Catch me if you can! That splash was me! Come on Leo... Tackle me!

Leo's first stay in July/Aug 2010
Too close Holimum! It wasn't me that destroyed the pampas grass... honest... Tug of war...

Lucy stayed in August 2010
We went on a steam train! I love swimming! Hmmmm  Yes please!

Poppy had her first stay in September 2010
Awww... Look at me... Writing my diary Yawn... Warm and cosy

Alfie and Barnie stayed in October 2010
We found a nice puddle. Catch me Alfie! We sang at the Pet Service.

Tilly's here again! Oct/Nov
Tilly Moss, Harvey and Tilly Arnie and Tilly

Holly's first stay in November/December 2010
Holly chasing Cassie! Holly chasing Tia! Holly tired out!

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